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Description and some facts The motor maul has six posts (also called lugs). The posts are set Positive (+) on top and Negative (-) directly under on the bottom. Understand that each pair has their own duty. Do not cross their duty. The first set of posts (lugs) duty is that of the charging system. The second set of posts (lugs) duty is for the first battery bank. The third set of posts (lugs) duty is for the second battery bank. There are two - SO 239 connectors on the motor maul. These attach with coaxial cable also called jumpers. These connections run from the radio, to the motor maul, to the amplifier, to the wattmeter, to the antenna. There is a five pin remote box. This turns the motor maul on and off. CUSTOM BUILT - CALL BEFORE ORDERING. FREE SHIPPING

dead motor maul
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